5 Days Wellness Tour

Feel the Therapeutic Properties of the Water, through a Journey That Stimulates the Senses All around Greece

Day 1: Athens Hammam


Near the “Bathhouse of the Winds” in Plaka, Athens Hammam conveys the atmosphere and magic of oriental baths with the imposing dome, round marble bench in the center and individual bowls, while all rooms are designed with respect to tradition. Escape from the ordinary everyday life, enjoy the thermal properties of steam, indulge in deep exfoliation and soothing massage treatments, over a cup of tea. Invigorate your body and soul through the Athens Hammam experience!

Day 2: Aidipsos Spa Town


The baths at Aidipsos in northern Evia have attracted travelers since antiquity. Emperors like Hadrian, Marcus Aurelius and Constantine the Great came to this small city in Evia to be healed by its waters. Hercules rested in the holistic spa of Aidipsos, Aristotle himself tried to unlock the secret of their therapeutic powers, along with contemporary jetsetters, countless politicians, shipping magnates, industrialists and artists. Why not take a dip yourself? You don’t have to be a VIP to enjoy the springs’ timeless benefits.

Day 3: Smokovo Springs in Karditsa


Loutra Smokovo is a small settlement of the Karditsa Regional Unit, owing its name to the nearby thermal springs with the wonderful therapeutic properties. The artificial lake Smokovo, which irrigates part of the Karditsa plain is definitely a highlight, while travelers are welcome to combine a trip to the Loutra with a stroll on the beautiful Lake Smokovo or Rentina Karditsa or the village of Loutropigi.

Day 4: Pozar Spa & Springs in Edessa


Loutra Pozar mineral springs in Pella Prefecture and at Mount Voras or Kaimaktsalan are one of the top spa destinations in Greece. The spa town is located in the valley of Agios Nikolaos stream. Enjoy the bathtubs, either called baths or pools depending on their size, with healing hot water that gushes freely from underground. A complex of about 15 caves has been discovered in the area with prehistoric findings, while the area has been designated as a cave park (Almopia Cave) and is the first of its kind in Greece.

Day 5: Kamena Vourla Thermal Springs in Voiotia


Thermal Spings of Kamena Vourla had been created by the geological changes of the Maliakos Gulf and are of significant value, thanks to their rare composition in natural metals, salts and radon. There are radioactive sources, a ferrous hydrogen sulfide chloride, and the cosmetic source of Aphrodite, containing calcium sulfate. You may enjoy a therapeutic bath at “Hippocrates” or “Asklepios” spas, surrounded by eucalyptus trees.

1 overnight in Edipsos
1 overnight in Karditsa
1 overnnight in Edessa
1 overnight in Kammena Vourla
Luxury vehicle transportation
Tour leader
Breakfast at all hotels